The IGSN ID has gone through a few changes as a result of partnership between the International Generic Sample Number (IGSN) e.V. and DataCite. As of January 2023, IGSN IDs now follow the DataCite DOI format which includes the addition of a prefix to the existing IGSN structure. SESAR’s shared prefix for sample registrations is 10.58052.

New IGSN ID Structure/Syntax

New IGSN ID Structure/Syntax

IGSN ID Metadata Mapping

Below is a table detailing the mapping of SESAR fields to the DataCite metadata schema.

DataCite SESAR
Idneitifer IGSN ID
Creator Collector*
Title Sample Name
Publisher “SESAR”**
Publication Year Publish Date
resourceType Sample Type
resourceTypeGeneral “Physical Object”**

* If the necessary collector information is missing, the original registrant will be used instead.

** These values will always be the same.