IGSN list for specific user code

Request Headers
  • Accept: application/xml, application/json, text/xml, text/json
    Request Body
limit={limit} maximum IGSN number for each page. If it is not specified, it will default to 100. page_no={page_no} page
number. If it is not specified, it will default to 1.
hide_private={1 or 0 or none} default to 0

If 1, it will not return IGSNs whose sample metadata are not public accessible.

Response Body

HTTP status codes:

  • 400 Bad Request - User Code is not valid.
  • 404 Not Found - No IGSNs associated with the given user code.
  • 200 Successful. It will return a list of IGSN(s) as following.

Output format when request is successful ( status code = 200 ) XML format:


JSON format

{ "igsn_list": [ "MOB000001", "MOB000002", "MOB000003", "MOB000004", ...... ], "total_counts":450, "previous_list":
[ "http: //app.geosamples.org/samples/user_code/MOB?limit=100&page_no=1" ], "next_list":
[ "http: //app.geosamples.org/samples/user_code/MOB?limit=100&page_no=3" ] }


curl -X GET -H "accept: application/xml" "https://app.geosamples.org/samples/user_code/ARF?limit=20&page_no=2&hide_private=1"