• The web service https://app.geosamples.org/webservices/deletePubURL.php allows the client program to delete a URL that is associated with an IGSN.
  • It only accepts POST requests from client programs. GET, PUT and DELETE are not supported.
  • Notes:
    • The user should use the following test URI during client program testing, so production sample profiles are not accidentally edited.
    • http://app-sandbox.geosamples.org/webservices/deletePubURL.php

URI: https://app.geosamples.org/webservices/deletePubURL.php

TEST URI: https://app-sandbox.geosamples.org/webservices/deletePubURL.php

Request Headers
username={your_username} password={your_password} igsn={your_igsn} puburl={url_to_be_deleted}
Response Body

HTTP status codes:

  • 200 The URL is successfully deleted. The response text is as follows.
  <status>Publication URL(http://www.earthchem.org) is deleted successfully.</status>

400 Bad Request - Request body contains invalid values. Error messages will look like the following.

  <error> Error: Specified URL or IGSN not found. </error> 

401 Unauthorized - A login failure will return text as follows.

  <valid code="InvalidAuth">no</valid> <error>Invalid login, username not known or password not matched</error> 


curl -X POST -H "accept: application/xml" -d "username=yourusername&puburl=http://www.earthchem.org&password=yourpassword&igsn=SES000001";