SESAR is undergoing the architecture redesign. Currently it is a monolith application. It will transform to web services oriented applications. The first step is to separate the intertwined web services and application features. The set of standalone REST APIs for interaction with SESAR database have been implemented.

The following existing PHP web services are reimplemented.
  • IGSN list for a specific user code
  • IGSN list for a geospatial polygon
  • IGSN list for a specific field program
  • Sample profile for a specific IGSN
  • Get IGSN(s) for a specific user code and a sample name (NEW)
The swagger documentation can be reached here.
  • It contains REST APIs that implement the various functions as below.
    • Classification
    • Country
    • GroupSample
    • LaunchType
    • NavType
    • Sample
    • SampleType
    • User counts.